Now that Ten Pages Press has published two e-chaps (Evidence Pie by Misti Rainwater-Lites and White Heat by Todd Moore), I am hoping to receive feedback regarding the font I chose to use. Currently the chaps are published in Goudy Old Style, however how the readable font I see when I create the file is not so readable when it appears as a PDF in Google Docs. What do you think? Is it OK or should I default to something else? Please leave me some comments.

Many thanks.

WHITE HEAT by Todd Moore

The first offering from Ten Pages Press is White Heat by the late, great Todd Moore. This is a collection I previously published; I am reprinting it. It can be found here.

Here is another previously published poem by Moore.

dillinger sd

never trust
a woman
or an auto
matic makley
flicked his
cigaret stub
at a passing
cop who
turned a
round to
give him a
stare sd
waddya do
if you
wanna get
laid dillinger
grinned sd
all bets
are off
when it’s
a sweet
piece of

You can read all of the Todd Moore poems I had the pleasure of publishing here.