Offering 47 is now available: The Ten Pages Press Reader (Volume III).

like a voice
David McLean
like a voice in the nighttime
a lady asking how empires fall
and what the point of it might be
building stones on bodies on pieces of time
they have sliced and keep in buckets,

all the happy ghosts standing on fortifications
where they have been soldiers,
where they have been swordsmen
or whores and glorious,
like a god dressed in the seed

of some deep avocation. promises
and whatever, all the reasons we are lacking,
all dressed up in eyes and voices
in the nighttime, ghosts again;
sex and time out of mind,

a night alive

COMFORT AND JOY by Andrew Taylor

The seventeenth offering from Ten Pages Press is now available: Comfort and Joy by Andrew Taylor.

A Knife an Axe and a Spade

It lives in its particulars and details
of the housekeeping a few implements

a knife an axe and a spade

a bird in the tunnel painted floor not singing

shelter is absolutely necessary with the first
of April comes the thaw

a walk in the woods to become a friend of the pines

the southern wind picks up speed allowing
for a simpler way of life

once the sun goes down time for a chosen pursuit

the institution essentialness of the Post Office
is all news gossip?

a silent gravity as an apple falls
like a fox in a fable return to earth