Submission Guidelines

Ten Pages Press publishes e-chapbooks the length of the press’s name utilizing the open source technologies of today’s Internet.

TO SUBMIT: Please send 10 pages of work as a .doc attachment to craigtheeditor [at] gmail [dot] com. It can be 10 one-page pieces or one 10-page piece. Poetry, fiction, a demonic hybrid of the two–it doesn’t matter. No limits on content. No simultaneous submissions. Reprints are fine and in fact encouraged; just mention where the works originally appeared. Include a title for the e-chapbook, a short bio and an 11th page of work. This extra piece will be published directly on the website to showcase your talents and to attract possible readers.

Work will be published as a PDF file and distributed for free on this website. Compensation is exposure.

All rights revert to author(s) upon publication.

If work is accepted, it will be made available as soon as possible (rolling publication schedule).

Ten Pages Press is managed and edited by Craig Scott and Catfish McDaris.

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