RACHEL, MY TORMENT by Patricia Hickerson

The twelfth offering from Ten Pages Press is now available: Rachel, My Torment by Patricia Hickerson.


is she sad?
hell, no
she’s as sparkly as springtime out here
whatever else is going on…
she’s got it all in hand
spike heeled boots and a rhinestone shirt
she just dumped her sweetie
or was it the other way ‘round?
funny how her brain is a blank
all she remembers is that day he got so mad at her
he tried to throw her from his tenth floor window…

whatever…she’s hard as cinders
hard as the mascara on her lashes
the Revlon nails at her fingertips
stalking past chrome and concrete
she won’t let it disturb her days
she can take him or leave him
she doesn’t care—
let him ball that back-door slut…

cars and chrome and concrete
glass walls and green lights
mascara and miniskirts,
nails and tails: she’ll be wanton at the Waldorf
he never really loved her, did he?

brass gleaming all around
brass banisters, brass lanterns
Grand Central Station glitters
diamond of the city
she’ll buy a real diamond some day
she’ll be diamond-hard
hard enough to scratch a glass window
hard enough to drop-kick that old guy
limping across the street against traffic
she’d love to see him or someone else she knows
gut-squashed in the fast lane…