EULOGIES by Craig Podmore

The 30th offering from Ten Pages Press is now available: Eulogies by Craig Podmore.

I have no hero in me,
Just insatiable love-loss.

I feel the hole in my heart at 3am,
Divorced from thoughts of woe –

Keep away, my mindless undertow…

Lachrymatory bottle full,
Just mourning for the six foot under romance.

I’m always a pariah of amour,
Death-ballet-love-hate show,

Kill it, my yearning undertow…

Tried to keep it wrapped up but it always tears at the seams.
I wanted it to be paraded but it always just builds up inside.

I keep my heart up on a crane
Low enough like a flag at half-mast.

I think love’s kind of a fascist thing,
It takes over without your permission.

It’s criminal, this searing undertow.