WE WILL PLAN BIG THINGS by Mary Stone Dockery

Offering 44 is now available: We Will Plan Big Things by Mary Stone Dockery.

Like Gravity

The dots on the star charts

are the same size as ants trailing

from the kitchen counter

to the back door, the same size

as holes in the mesh screen.

They are the same size

as the moles on your back,

as stars we point to

from the back patio at night.

Your back is the same

silky substance as the sky

contains as many constellations,

I trace each mole

as if the sky begins at my fingers.

Each day we are tugged closer

to the ground, microscopic moments

us touching, that thing you said ,

your back arching over a bed

the ground beneath us trembling

with the weight of clouds, pain, comets –

flung into cosmic distances.

The whites of your eyes

work like gravity,

drawing me in