HOW WE FUCK SHIT UP by Aleathia Drehmer & Brad Burjan

Offering 45 is now available: How We Fuck Shit Up by Aleathia Drehmer & Brad Burjan.

Toy(ing) with the Revolution

For Brad Burjan
You can’t wrap your fingers
around it, the elusive it.
There aren’t too many
things to wrap a finger
around, but the image
burns my eyes; your
fingers long and rough
wrapping around the neck
of the establishment.  You
mutter it is all gift wrap
for tiny toys anyway.  I try to laugh
but all I see are toy machetes
and your fingers the revolutionaries
taking it all down; your breath
the revolution itself, pulling
it in and spitting it back out.
Your tears create the flood
that washes them all away.

Aleathia Drehmer