Offering 40 now available: Underwater Girls by Kyle Hemmings.

deep water tale
any underwater girl will tell you. at the bottom
of the ocean floor, it’s so freakin’ dark you’d
think you’re talking to your mother with no
head. Or waiting for your iced grandmother
to get back from wal-mart’s.
but you can eat all you want. No need
for take out or delivery. until you explode.
but that’s another story for fools.

IN YOUR FACE(BOOK) by Shawn Misener

Offering 39 now available: In Your Face(book) by Shawn Misener.

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook:
at this point
you seem futile

I feel guilty
when I forgo breakfast
to read your wall

I feel guilty
when I clean house
and delete people

I thought I once knew
in high school

I feel guilty
when I write a poem
and use you
just to get it out
to other guilty writers

Oh poor Facebook:
you’re an old
used-up lover

My wife glares at me
when I ignore her
in favor of you

Then she turns around
and uses youto get back at me

Dear Facebook:
you crazy old slut
you absurd floozy
you free love loose-lipper

please learn some restraint