OF THE NONE EXPOSED by Michael Mc Aloran

Offering 50 now available: Of the None Exposed by Michael Mc Aloran.




Breathless eye
Of the begun
(spoken less of)
Tracing the night’s
Meat to tear
In sun sunk spun
Of ashes
Cadaver guillotine
Noose/ dread/ scuttling
In the dark
Muscle of pulse
All the while the ebbing
And the absence
Of all
Traceless as the eye
Vacant of pupil’s light


HOJO BOY by Kyle Hemmings

Offering 49 is now available: Hojo Boy by Kyle Hemmings.


hojo boy #11

when your fort[u]ne cookies make the hostess
w/ the most delicately timed noodles–blush

when we can no longer capture the white summer
girls in barefeet-barley-hop  w/ instant flash

when i can no longer sauté your icelandic heart
in 3/5th wine & 2/5th jungle combat

will i reveal to you the secret ingredients
to my watergate goose-silent long-necked stew

i cook to the taste.

NOSE BUSTER by David Lawrence

Offering 48 is now available: Nose Buster by David Lawrence


Be a have not in a sack containing nothing at all.
In the promise of tomorrow you shut down.
You forget me not
And then no longer remember my name.
Have you given all your milk to that cow?
Is separation an impetus to come back together?
I love you so much that I could be content
Watching our hands walk down the street together.


Offering 47 is now available: The Ten Pages Press Reader (Volume III).

like a voice
David McLean
like a voice in the nighttime
a lady asking how empires fall
and what the point of it might be
building stones on bodies on pieces of time
they have sliced and keep in buckets,

all the happy ghosts standing on fortifications
where they have been soldiers,
where they have been swordsmen
or whores and glorious,
like a god dressed in the seed

of some deep avocation. promises
and whatever, all the reasons we are lacking,
all dressed up in eyes and voices
in the nighttime, ghosts again;
sex and time out of mind,

a night alive

FLESH WOUNDS by RC Edrington

Offering 46 now available: Flesh Wounds by RC Edrington.


Sick Fucks

in a trailer
with boarded-up windows
on 33rd & 5th
a rookie cop puked
into a shit clogged toilet
& called for an ambulance
despite the fact
2 year old Melissa
had been rotting
from starvation
& dehydration
for at least a week
while in the trash
cluttered bedroom
momma lay overdosed
with a welfare check
coursing pure Afghani
horse through her caved
hypodermic veins

2 blocks away
on South 6th Avenue
Johnny’s 3rd grade head
bounced like an 8-ball
against a scarred
black hardwood floor
blood splattered
an abstract painting
to stain the vomit
stenched Ice-T shirt
of momma’s white-nigger
wanna-be pimp
whacked out on
crack cocaine

3 blocks south
& 1 block east
this alcoholic writer
sits at a pool hall
& slams his
5th shot of Jose Cuervo
& fist against the bar
while Shorty passes
a Folger’s coffee can
for the families
left behind
& tells me services
will be held at
St. Anthony’s Cathedral
over on 6th & 22nd
3 days apart
& in my reflective
wonder if
these loyal Catholics
had been permitted
condoms & abortion
none of this shit
would have had
to go down

HOW WE FUCK SHIT UP by Aleathia Drehmer & Brad Burjan

Offering 45 is now available: How We Fuck Shit Up by Aleathia Drehmer & Brad Burjan.

Toy(ing) with the Revolution

For Brad Burjan
You can’t wrap your fingers
around it, the elusive it.
There aren’t too many
things to wrap a finger
around, but the image
burns my eyes; your
fingers long and rough
wrapping around the neck
of the establishment.  You
mutter it is all gift wrap
for tiny toys anyway.  I try to laugh
but all I see are toy machetes
and your fingers the revolutionaries
taking it all down; your breath
the revolution itself, pulling
it in and spitting it back out.
Your tears create the flood
that washes them all away.

Aleathia Drehmer