B-MOVIE by D.E. Oprava

The eleventh offering from Ten Pages Press is now available: B-Movie by D.E. Oprava.

on hold

Bakelite radio plugged into the porcelain socket, empty, a cobwebbed pull chain silent. A dim glow from the pre-transistor tube and a hum, listen:

It’s not going to get any better, not during this circumnavigation of the solar navel, or otherwise: take notes, this has import, as important as eating five portions of crudités per day, honest. This is vital, signs of the apocalypse are now called advertisements- wait for it. There, high five for the maidenhead coming in from Shanghai (they can clone anything these days) hold on, news flash: wait for it.

today, no, tomorr…
no, gravity and situations
are getting a divorce

Broken news, life and death, mostly death, affects our daily disaffection for morning cereals, serial mourning, and side orders of after-effects they say very fast at the end of adverts. Success, measured by algorithms too complex for plain happy or sad: beware, made up word, happy, also cloned with chemicals. Your patience is apprehended. Thank you.


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