LIMINAL by Tantra Bensko

The ninth offering from Ten Pages Press is now available: please enjoy Liminal by Tantra Bensko.



Quantumly speaking, the universe is like

A paper wad, unfolded now.


A corner folds down

Touches the other side.


What do we need, my son?

To live and die forever,

Forwards, backwards,

Angled up together

Like the clinking shinies

In your pocket,

Corners flapping loose.

You are everything


Spread out against the sky.

It’s corners fold to touch

Each other, points of contact made

Against things that had not

Rubbed up against each other

For trillion years.


And on some far extended

Pocket of the sky,

There is another you

Who’s touching now

Another me, as once they

Did when we were young,

So young we were indeed

Someone else.


And we feel them touch,

We feel some strains of light

Burst free, some love

Lit up, mysteriously,

Our eyes, which take on

Subtle differences of meaning,

And we fall


Into the sky’s enfoldment,

Growing brighter as we burn

More quickly, shinies

In the pocket of everything.

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