ROMAN MEAL by J.D. Nelson

The third offering from Ten Pages Press is now live. Enjoy Roman Meal by J.D. Nelson.

(  ( ( stereo ) )  ) panther

sci. of the new head:
the paper airport
shiversmith randall

bacon tree
before breakfast

a cold summer
tomorrow on


that diamond suit

the same sunshine
the street of scabs

(This poem originally appeared in The Beatnik.)

6 responses to “ROMAN MEAL by J.D. Nelson

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  3. “JD Nelson is a deep sip from a heavily spiked punchbowl, a true poet, and a hell of a nice guy. Livin’ After Midnight was originally written as part of a rock opera based on the life of JD Nelson, but the project was scrapped after we learned this was, in fact, the aim of the entire Iron Maiden catalog up to that point.” –Rob Halford, circa whenever

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